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Imagine being able to easily focus on building a strong online presence while we take care of the grunt work of finding relevant audiences for you— would it make your life easier? With our knowledge base and resources available at hand, just sit back as we get up close and personal in targeting potential customers so that maximum engagement will result for all parties involved!

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"I had reached a plateau in my followers and was frustrated that my message wasn't getting out there. Proclaim Social not only increased my followers but I saw a rise in my interactions with people on social media. I didn't just get quantity, I received quality."
- Jamison Strain, Musician


"Proclaim Social thinks of social with a young and refreshing perspective filled with positivity and possibilities."
- Jake Kreifels
Wellhouse Music & CityTribe Church

Targeted social media growth on autopilot.

You have great things to share, now let's make sure people SEE the great things you are sharing on the online space.

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 Your Done-For-You Social Media

We do mission-critical stuff:

Growth Hacking

I build an audience profile and grow followers organically using our tried-and-true process across Twitter and Instagram. I can also help you optimize your Facebook ads!

Content Curation

I create a backlog of specific content for your platforms. Using blogs, graphics and other highly digestible content - I make sure your content is always rockin'!

Content Scheduling

Using the best tools available I make sure most people see your great content at the best times. Don't let another post go unnoticed!

Social Listening

I keep the 'Social' in Social Media for you! I help reach out to influencers specific to your target - and get you noticed by key players!