Keeping Social Media Social

When it comes to social media, it is essential to remember that the folks you are dealing with (for the most part) are real people…and have real needs, desires, and wants.

When you post, think about what you are sharing. Also, remember that folks coming to your page are typically coming to it for the first time…especially if you are just starting your social media game.

The things you say should require context, or tell a story that you are sharing. Remember that every post, tweet, picture, pin, video…tells a small piece of your over-all story.

Content is King on social media – you may have heard this phrase…but engagement is Queen. If you are not engaging other people’s posts, tweets, pins, videos, content, then you are missing out on a HUGE part of social.

This blog is one of a few that will help introduce you to the world of social media! If you have any further questions about what is said here, or want to connect deeper, please reach out to me via email at: [email protected] or tweet me!